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EVR2EST, I don't know if you say "Ever too est" or what

But it refers to Eagle Vision and ROVER Responsive Exploitation of Space Products for Tactical Use

It's satellite imagery, super-high-resolution, mostly used for situational awareness in disaster relief operations.

Nothing terribly sensitive here, but it's probably not supposed to be accessible this way. Some of the images, even of disasters, are actually beautiful.

This relatively benign product does, however, put the extent of US national technical means in sharp relief.

Take a look at the image below, a "Scene" page with satellite images of a

Imagery  is organized by Scene and Mission pages -- Mission pages contain multiple scene that overlap or are geographically adjacent, for example, the Washington, DC area.

There are three scenes for DC, 2 orthographic regions, shown above as orange-yellow polygons. If one clicks on the orange-yellow line, it activates that area's imagery.

Then you can clip images. Have fun.