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Operation Stonegarden, Strong Safety, Border Star, Secure Texas...Crystal Taco....

Page 4   Texas Regional Advisory Council, 29 April 2016 The Texas border with Mexico is the largest of any state’s and sees a commensurate number of illegal northbound crossings. The state of Texas is by no means under blanket coverage, its expanses are simply too vast, but it does host an extensive multilayered network of surveillance and security infrastructure, and local law enforcement conducts multiple ongoing operations with federal and DoD partners for surveillance, interdiction, and border enforcement. Texas has Operations! Rio Grande sector has overwhelming majority of Texas crossings -- Stonegarden, + other Ops, Secure Texas, Border Star — Kenneth Lipp (@kennethlipp) February 23, 2017 Operation Stonegarden, which funds border security initiatives in all US states with international borders '07: 28 immigrants in Chaparral, NM, including 11 schoolchildren, detained in 1 day of Operation Stonegarden; local nuns offered sanctuar