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The passwords to access the National Guard online GEOINT platform for three exercises planned in 2017  - Ardent Sentry, Vibrant Response, and Vital Archer - were uploaded in a presentation on a Sharepoint site, and indexed by Google. APAN is a Sharepoint platform used by the military and NGOs (I've written about it here) They just can't button this Sharepoint down, most links now redirect to login, but even new docs are still being cached by Google — Kenneth Lipp (@kennethlipp) April 22, 2017 Since my tweet yesterday Google has removed the page from its cache.

Who will help me bake this bread

UPDATE: Had to /UPDATE I've been doing this for a long, long time -- Googling, more or less, that is, searching the internet for documents, mostly about surveillance and public safety, but really covering a broad range of subjects. Sometimes when you're experimenting with a search you don't have subject-matter in mind at all, or rather, subject matter isn't reflected in any key words. Having done this for double-long, time-wise, I have collected easily terabytes of data, and probably currently have 1 TB of this material on my machines -- perhaps 50 gigabytes is of use or interest, after removing repeats and garbage files. Some of it is pretty sensitive, some I know is classified, and there remain many whole directory trees that may contain Top Secret information for all I know, I have not gotten around to parsing the corpus. I've already posted an invitation to researchers of all stripes to dig in to the documents -- I know some of this is im