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NY-Bulgarian IMSI Catching -- Our mom wouldn't buy us a Stingray

Actual patent

This post is mostly a document dump, around 100 files from two domains -- and the even more low-key, both of which are owned by HSS Development.

HSS Development Inc, of White Plains, New York, London, and Sofia, Bulgaria "manufactures and provides Engineered System Solutions for Government groups and Law Enforcement Agencies
through strategic partners [my emphasis for later] in the areas of Security and Surveillance," according to the company's organization profile.

Moody's and D&B list only two company principals, Executive Director Chris Decker and
"Homeland Security Strategies Maggie Ward"  [no position].

However, if you download all of the documents from the two websites and extract/analyze the metadata, you find several more names, Decker and Ward are missing.

The profile says HSS specializes in "designing as well as consulting on security technology solutions, with an analytical approach to problem solving of scientific issues for both Security in the area of RF technologies + Bomb Detection, and Surveillance involving communication gathering and monitoring."

That means they make jammers and eavesdroppers, including Stingray-like devices.

I've found a few contracts from US cities for HSS, but ask you to refer here to the bold "through strategic partners." Most sales and marketing is likely done through a proxy of some shade.

A selection of HSS's offerings, all of which are detailed in documents in the linked folder, are listed below, after the video I made from one of HSS's powerpoints and adding Youtube "Twinkle twinkle little star" soundtrack.

  • Cellular Intercept - 2011: Designed the CC2800 COMINT platform with Decipher, UMTS Solution (3G Interception), and Spider - Web Star Topology applications for multi-city Cellular Voice and Data Intercept.
  • Cell Catcher - 2012: Introduced the CC1500 Cell Catcher, with a capable application for Distributed Antenna Systems in Prisons, featuring Permissions Based network access through the White List - Black List GUI of system resources and 911 Pass Through applications.
  • Cellular Intercept - 2013: Launch of the Tracking Intelligence line of Cellular Intercept with Forensic Features including Terrorist Trap™ , Target Locator for Cellular Tracking with Geo-Location, Direction Finding, and Smart Phone mapping, Target Manipulator (CounterSpy™), and Target Cloning for 2G and 3G (UMTS) Networks.
  • Cellular Intercept - 2014: Designed the CC5000 Passive Collection and Situational Awareness Platform for advanced intelligence gathering and analysis, with remote receiver capabilities for true Spider Web intelligence gathering. [Spiders! Eek! - ed.]
  • Cell Catcher - 2015: Designed the cc4300 low profile handheld Cell Catcher for 2G, 3G, and 4G Network Interrogation. Remote connectivity provides Law Enforcement users with advanced situational awareness of Targets in range.

All the documents:
 Documents folder


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