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Invitation to Dig - Defense and Intelligence Contractors

I've been collecting documents for about 5 years now, I have more information of public interest in my possession than I can ever personally parse let alone publish on, and I want to share the corpus with interested researchers, journalists, and transparency enthusiasts.
To begin I'll be sharing a large, partially-structured directory of contracting documents from two multi-million dollar vendors to the Pentagon, DHS, and other government firms(Stanley, Excalibur). The documents vary in nature from printed internet bid pages to spreadsheets containing names and passwords for various industry and government portals.

I've browsed the directory and written on a few items, but I can't describe its total contents well because I just haven't gotten around to looking through all of it.

Anyone interested in perusing the files -- the directory can be viewed in the image above so that one can get a sense of the contents -- comment here or email


  1. Really enjoying your blog and would love to have a look at what you've collected. Once I find the time between my day job and other priorities I'd be happy to build an archive of my own finds over the last few years of scraping the lesser-known web. If possible, please send a link/attachment to



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