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Modern 9-11 Systems are a Real-Time Surveillance Bonanza. Bonanza

Tower triangulation is old news. Law enforcement can now receive real time updates on your near exact coordinates via email with various carrier technologies like NELOS, PCMD, and RTT, all thanks to next generation 9-11 services. The above image is an alert sent by AT&T of subscriber data from a serving mobile location center, SMLC. AT&T's technology is called NELOS , Network Event LOcation Service. PCMD , Per Call Data Measurement, is Sprint's method of providing approximate GPS location to law enforcement, and Verizon has the Real Time Tool, RTT (not to be confused with Round Trip Time, a measurement used in cell tower triangulation). Handy quick reference here. This cellular spiderweb was created to allow service providers to locate 9-11 callers using mobile phones.  But, as described in a product guide for the Pen-link call intercept software, "instead of delivering the data to a call center, the carrier delivers the data to the requesting

Invitation to Dig - Defense and Intelligence Contractors

I've been collecting documents for about 5 years now, I have more information of public interest in my possession than I can ever personally parse let alone publish on, and I want to share the corpus with interested researchers, journalists, and transparency enthusiasts. To begin I'll be sharing a large, partially-structured directory of contracting documents from two multi-million dollar vendors to the Pentagon, DHS, and other government firms(Stanley, Excalibur). The documents vary in nature from printed internet bid pages to spreadsheets containing names and passwords for various industry and government portals. I've browsed the directory and written on a few items, but I can't describe its total contents well because I just haven't gotten around to looking through all of it. Anyone interested in perusing the files -- the directory can be viewed in the image above so that one can get a sense of the contents -- comment here or email kenneth@networkedinferen

Cellular Data Analysis - This goes out to you, and you, and you

This presentation on cell phone data analysis is very detailed - a few items included by the presenter are trade secrets. Throw your AT&T smartphone into the ocean - reveals your location much more accurately than tower triangulation (feet as opposed to miles). — Kenneth Lipp (@kennethlipp) March 22, 2017 I exported the PPT as a video, which I'll be doing much more of, and given this year's obvious significance, set the clip to Kick in the Door by the Notorious B.I.G. In shootouts, stay low and keep firing.

NY-Bulgarian IMSI Catching -- Our mom wouldn't buy us a Stingray

Actual patent This post is mostly a document dump, around 100 files from two domains -- and the even more low-key, both of which are owned by HSS Development. HSS Development Inc, of White Plains, New York, London, and Sofia, Bulgaria "manufactures and provides Engineered System Solutions for Government groups and Law Enforcement Agencies through strategic partners [my emphasis for later] in the areas of Security and Surveillance," according to the company's organization profile. Moody's and D&B list only two company principals, Executive Director Chris Decker and "Homeland Security Strategies Maggie Ward"  [no position]. However, if you download all of the documents from the two websites and extract/analyze the metadata, you find several more names, Decker and Ward are missing. The profile says HSS specializes in "designing as well as consulting on security technology solutions, with an analyt

Somebody help me figure out WTF this is

I'm not sure what to think of this -- it's too remarkable to ignore but I'm at an impasse after a few weeks of occasional digging, I'm hoping you gentle and wise citizens can help me track it down. Mete Akinci is a Turkish political strategist, and according to the website of the Moravian Aerospace Cluster , owner and CEO of Trizub Consultancy and Strategies, LLC, of Ukraine, "Partners Official US Mil Adviser to TRUMP TEAM (Candidate Adviser to Donald J. TRUMP)." A number for Akinci is the same as a business of that name registered in Kyiv .  Both an Ahmet and Mete Akinci are named as principals of a company registered in the UK, APM Consultancy and Services, Ltd.  ​"TRIZUB" also spelled TRYZUB (translates 'trident') is a far right Ukrainian paramilitary faction that now makes up, with others, the Pravy Sektor, the Right Sector, the main anti-Euro force behind the Kyiv revolt. The trident is also common in Ukrain

Your Data Footprint Flying into the United States

This is where data for each passenger flying to the United States on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is sent prior to entry. Amadeus Revenue Integrity ARC ResMon ATS-P APIS ESTA TSDB TECS BPETS No-fly list Expanded Selectee List Selectee List DNBL CCD DHS Watchlist Service EID III NIIS SEACATS ADIS BCI GES COP CEAC ENFORCE SEVIS ACE ACS AES SSA eGIS IDENT NICB TSA Pre√ list TSA Pre√ disqualification list TSA Pre√ risk assessments