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Reptile vs Ground-truth, All War is Culture War

"Arterial Street TrafficCongestion Managementin Chicago"
A toad is an amphibian, but that's ok because the part of the blog about any of that ends here.

Ground-truth is a standard of experimental control, it's applied to multiple disciplines. In video surveillance, it basically means comparing the way the computer sees things when the environment is controlled or simulated (but simulated here is meant as IRL, conditions are staged or acted out) with how the computer sees them in actual IRL, not to get bogged down in technical jargon.

The long, bizarre choreography below is NYPD cadets serving as the cast of a series of ground truth simulations of simple scenarios, like a crowded platform with an abandoned package, or collapsed person on same. Many people are saying they did sex things on more secret level footage, but I'm not saying that.


There's an evolution to deploying city-wide surveillance. Existing hardware is incrementally supplemented with new installations and all tested for progressively complex analysis.

Chicago had some unique advantages for deployment of analytics like a built-in fiber-optic network and many cameras already installed for city-wide feed access.

The initial phase of IBM's smart surveillance contract involved identifying working camera feeds of sufficient quality to perform new analytics, adding some new hardware and performing ground-truth evaluations of the programming over several years.

The ground-truth allowed the researcher and city representatives to identify and tune the acceptable level of false negatives and false positives.

The IBM researcher documented all of this meticulously, even in ways which he probably did not intend.

We have a directory to timber, but we also need to see and approach the forest as a not perfectly preserved sort of crime scene, which in turn requires plenty of pseudo-intellectual pretense, as I've just demonstrated.

No crime has been committed, but our research is forensic in nature, and we have some very valuable information in this directory in the form of configuration files in XML format, some are different iterations of the same files at different points in the deployment timeline. Others have names like AnalyticProfile_Chicago.xml which our Infosec Cybernames Unit says is a "profile," a file used for analysis in Chicago.

Anyone can easily read these files to see what analyses the software not only was designed to perform but was configured to perform for Chicago. There are also image and video files in this directory, and my theory is that we'll be able to determine how each camera feed was analyzed and thus maybe even who was on film.

The researcher also uploaded the typical detritus of many Desktops and work document folders: personal notes with business and personal details like passwords; candid shots of the gang on launch day, which means police brass in an operations center; spreadsheets of ongoing and prospective contracts around the world with details of client and breadth of analytic technology; a folder titled Israel with a subfolder titled NYPD which we will probably get to pretty soon in these pages.

There won't be one document or even a few together that give you the whole picture, I'll give you a little boost with tools I am not an expert with except for using in the narrow and probably design-defying manner described herein.

You will absolutely understand it better the more you show your work. Math is just endless, guiltless, and perfectly executed plagiarism and confession, maybe not but I won't lean too hard on any one idiom.

No kidding you should download these free and easy softwares, BaseX and Freeplane, there will be closed-captioning and a bouncy ball once everyone works together on a pleasefundme campaign for me or something. Didn't mean to gaslight you that was half kidding, I will show you how to use those programs, no ball. Please no questions in the comments about when I'll get the ball.

Another thing we're gonna be looking at is third-party documentation. The UI and sort of surveillance OS for Chicago's and many other systems is Omnicast by Genetec

We'll keep doing more of this super fun learning until I go dark, and tell Alex Jones "I am Jack's Signature Incredulous Emoji," I mean that. 

I'm not gonna wait longer to share a bunch of the files here, I assume you're all meanies and hate me, so you won't see it anyway, and I can take my time blogging about each file.


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